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CHANGEase’s capability development workshops enable clients (organizations and individual participants) to achieve their desired goals. Each workshop is focused on the clients' real-life situations, and on action planning to achieve success on the job. We regularly customize or design workshops to suit the unique needs of individual clients.

Leading Change Innovation Teams
Facing Change and Transformation Producing Customer Valued Results
Change Mastery Improvisation Skills  
Influencing for Results  
Advanced Influencing for Results  

LCT    Leading Change
Real-time analysis and action planning of organizational change efforts supported with facilitated discussions, real case analyses, change management models, processes and tools. Focuses on:

  • Analyzing participants' own change projects.
  • Testing the use of change management tools, models, and processes on participants' real change efforts.
  • Action planning by participants so they will manage their changes more effectively.

Key sub-topics include:

  • Strategy – identifying whose buy-in is required for successful change, and determining what form of buy-in is required from each.
  • Influence – identifying the motivational “frames of reference” of those whose buy-in is required, and developing capability to communicate to them in their frames of reference.
  • Leadership Team – strengthening the effectiveness of change leaders by conscious management of their recruitment, training, success measures, feedback, teamwork and morale.


FCT    Facing Change and Transformation
Giving individuals and small groups techniques for self-leadership - enabling them to handle change and transformation to better serve them personally, as well as serving the organization. Develop organizational capacity for adopting change quickly and effectively - reducing the costs of resistance in terms of (1) the time wasted worrying and complaining, and (2) the opportunities lost due to the slowed implementation of change. Focuses on:

  • We've Got to Make Change Easier
  • Serving and Protecting What Really Matters (to Us in a Change)
  • Tapping Our Strengths - Feeling Our Confidence
  • Turning Risk to Our Advantage - Making Change Work for Us
  • Silver Lining Thinking
  • Crossing the Gap - Ensuring Action to Get What You Want
  • reMotivating™ Your Ongoing Action


CMIS    Change Mastery Improvisation Skills
Using improvisational theater skill-building techniques, participants develop expertise (true skill) and active effectiveness at being:

  • Aware of themselves, their roles and their impact on their work environment.
  • Aware of the dynamic changes to their work environment, such as reorganizations, strategic redirection, and/or the effects of other people entering or leaving that environment.
  • Adaptably successful at synergizing their role with changes in their environment.

Respected peer-leaders, fostering effective collaboration and innovation.


IFR   Influencing for Results (aka, Everone’s a Customer)
Successfully treating others as internal and external customers for our ideas, products, and services.   Participants report an average increase of 45 percent in skills focusing on:

  • Recognizing and treating others as decision-makers who will choose what to do with our initiatives.
  • Leading to the best possible decisions people can and will implement with commitment.
  • Tapping our own and others' best ideas and personal initiative.
  • Respectfully working with diversity of views and motivating concerns.
  • Identifying critical variables affecting a problem or opportunity.
  • Exploring options for a realistically optimal solution.
  • Leading to committed cooperative action planning and implementation.


AIFR    Advanced Influencing for Results
Adding new tools and practices that build upon and extend IFR's (Influencing for Results) core skill set. Focuses on:

  • Deep probing skills for clarifying others' C.O.R.E. motivating concerns and criteria for success.
  • Aligning with others' C.O.R.E. motivating concerns to create win-win common goals.
  • Presenting ideas in ways that naturally support others' C.O.R.E. motivations.
  • Inviting joint ownership and responsibility for mutual success.
  • Compassionate confrontation of dysfunctional behavior that is putting mutual success at risk.


INT    Innovation Teams
Teaming up individuals who have different approaches to doing innovative problem solving and task work can produce powerful synergy or frustrating dysfunctionality. This is critical when configuring teams and/or assigning roles for optimal productivity. Session conducted as supplement to IFR (Influencing for Results). This training focuses on:

  • Understanding our default systems for producing innovative results (utilizing the profiling tools designed for Innovation Teams).
  • Building strong interdependent team relationships based on leveraging complementary differences.
  • Application to on-the-job situations re: configuring teams and/or assigning roles/responsibilities.


PCVR    Producing Customer Valued Results
Processes, practice, and action planning for improving on-the-job results and recognition with internal or external customers. Focusing on:

  • Discovering your customers' motivating concerns - knowing what they value most.
  • Mobilizing all your resources to support customer-valued results.
  • Partnering with your customer to produce those desired results - becoming their trusted ally.
  • Designing solutions that will be optimally implemented by users.
  • Developing users' ability and willingness to optimize solutions for desirable results.
  • Assisting customers and users past barriers to optimal success.
  • Monitoring success.
  • Celebrating success and adapting solutions and/or implementation efforts.
  • Focusing attention on the results-based value of partnering.
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