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CHANGEase is committed to results. We want to ensure that clients can achieve the results they desire and the ROI (return on investment) they need (and can afford). Through our consulting, facilitated collaboration sessions and workshops we can help clients make decisions and develop new insights and skills that can guide their results-achieving activities. Yet it is optimized on-the-job implementation of those decisions and learnings that will ultimately produce the desired results. We give a unique degree of attention to supporting on-the-job implementation and optimization for results.

Good intentions do not ensure results. We provide innovative, powerful, low-effort, low-cost reminders that re-inspire decision-makers to follow through on their good intentions and committed action. The committed action plans developed by clients in our facilitated meetings and workshops help clients form good intentions for optimized implementation on the job. However, good intentions can often be diverted by other forces - and desired results can go unachieved. Our reMotivationTM services are designed to better ensure that good intentions are acted upon over time and become good habits.

Media: reMotivatorsTM are time-released reminders of clients' best intentions, of their key decisions and learnings, and of their motivations. These reminders often take the form of e-mails embedded with graphic images (illustrations, photos, PowerPoint slides, etc.) and key text. They may have links to audio or streaming video clips. They may also take other forms, such as posters, wall-sized murals, conference calls, mini-events, post cards, faxes, etc.

Timing: Typically, a reMotivationTM campaign lasts for three to six months or until the results are achieved. The number and frequency of the time-released reMotivatorsTM is determined by the results required and the current conditions. Starting immediately after a decision-making or learning event is important, as is continuity over time.

Cost: E-mail is frequently used as the lowest cost delivery mechanism for reMotivatorsTM. For geographically dispersed teams, it also assures same-time delivery globally. We work with clients to find the most cost-effective ways to reinforce their results-achieving on-the-job implementation.

Effort-Free: reMotivationTM services require no client effort for their implementation over time. Clients need only be involved minimally up front to help decide the content and implementation strategy.

Added Benefit: Organizational collaboration, communication, and best practices are also enhanced via reMotivationTM campaigns. We ask recipients of e-mail reMotivatorsTM to "reply to all" on the e-mail distribution list - describing their success stories, asking questions, and identifying forces impacting their success. This knowledge sharing has several benefits. It continues the sense of ongoing teamwork and collaboration. It provides critical information to stakeholders on the factors affecting their success - so that they can adjust their expectations and/or strategies accordingly. It shares the best practices for optimizing successful implementation on the job. These three factors greatly increase the probability of achieving and optimizing a desirable ROI.

reMotivatorsTM, in concert with other reinforcement activities by participants and leaders, make desired change easier, faster, and better.

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