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The ability to change organizational directions quickly is crucial to success. How can you bring the right people together quickly, integrate their insights, make informed decisions, and ensure committed follow-through? And for geographically dispersed organizations, how can you do this as often as needed without the huge costs and trouble of travel? These are the questions our Facilitation Services are designed to answer, and they are the focus of our Rapid Mobilization Meetings (RM2).

Rapid Mobilization - RM2
Research has found that people, when given a chance, will work to improve the quality of results, the customer experience, and the long-term viability of their organizations. The approaches in traditional change management rarely engage and involve the minds and hearts of people throughout a client organization. Leadership may well be responsible for defining a new vision, but the next challenge is to lead people in the organization to understand, embrace, and implement that vision. Overcoming the whole system's natural lag time, due to a natural resistance to change, is often the most overlooked and greatest challenge for leadership. This lag time is not openly tracked or monitored, and it is then left unmanaged. Without an accelerated way to mobilize involvement, lag time will always set in - and even the best visions will gather dust on corporate bookshelves.

You need RM2 if you are finding:

  • Meetings that lead to no clear action
  • Decisions taking too long to implement
  • Political stonewalling
  • Weak buy-in by those responsible for implementing decisions
  • Sub-optimized results from perfectly good decisions

The CHANGEase Rapid Mobilization Meetings (RM2) represent a high touch technology that has been successfully applied in hundreds of groups and organizations around the world for more than two decades. It is an integrated collection of 7 Components:

  1. Neutral Facilitators - Supporting for decision-making and timely conflict/issue resolution.
  2. Collaboration Tools - Enabling synergy, group collaboration, and collective group wisdom.
  3. Knowledge Capture Specialists - Graphically capturing ideas, information, and decisions. We are experts at disseminating RM2 output via digital and Internet portal knowledge management best practices. We thus create instant communication and project management materials.
  4. E-Collaboration - Using our Internet and teleconferencing virtual meeting technologies and facilitation processes to support collaborative group work before, during, and after RM2 sessions. In combination with other knowledge management systems, or in a stand-alone system, client groups can tap their dispersed expertise anytime and anywhere with lowered costs and less downtime.
  5. Ultimate Metaphors - Prompting authentic collaboration and the highest states for innovation. RM2 can be designed to happen in all types of physical environments. The best in settings help communicate that "this is not going to be business as usual." We use an increasing array of real and experiential metaphors to bridge creativity with reality. We prefer discovering and working with the clients' own metaphors for their situations. Such use of metaphors also supports cultural transformational and teaming.
  6. Client Ownership and Knowledge Transfer - Involving participation in the design and facilitation of RM2 sessions helps transfer facilitation skills and tools to members of the client's organization, and/or licensing our facilitation methods and support tools. This builds internal capabilities and reduces reliance on external consulting resources in the future. It also enables a far greater use and wider spread of facilitation services throughout the client organization.
  7. Linkage to CHANGEase Capability Development Workshops - Helping develop a client organization's capability for success. We both customize our tested workshops and design client-specific workshops that inspire learning and committed action (on the job).

The CHANGEase (RM2) will enhance your capability to:

  • Increase Involvement - Merge perspectives from stakeholders, suppliers, and customers as a whole system.
  • Decrease lag time between ideas to results - Months of work can be achieved in just a few days. Since there is a high level of participation by the "right stakeholder and decision makers," traditional problems of resistance are virtually eliminated. By building a comprehensive understanding of the issues, break-through ideas are exposed rather than blocked by old barriers.
  • Increase in Commitment - People are more committed to ideas and outcomes when they are included in creating plans. With the RM2 all participants are able to see, touch, and develop a first-hand perspective about the Big Picture. With such clarity, resolving issues and taking action become personal and not mandated. Participants leave with agreement on the rapid deployment of decisions and monitored follow-through.

Harness the power of group creativity and performance innovation - At the core of any RM2, there is a goal to foster interdependent trust and teamwork. Shared, facilitated, and unexpected experiences will stimulate the creative process and create an environment for "straight/honest talk."

RM2 Are Versatile
With our proven expertise you will create solutions with action plans for any number of leadership challenges, including changes related to:

  • Vision, Values and Culture
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Process Redesign
  • Organization Redesign
  • Communication Strategies
  • Strategic Planning
  • New Product/Service Development
  • Performance Management
  • Program Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Continuous Innovation Competencies

How the RM2 Fits

Once a challenge is identified, our consultants work with client sponsors to assess strategic, cultural, and process intent. Then, with the sponsor(s) we map the "key players" whose "buy-in" is required for effective solutions to be designed and implemented. These key players are then convened to develop leadership alignment and to clarify problems and opportunities at hand. Then our powerful group process techniques and tools are utilized to facilitate the targeted group to produce several months' worth of work into one to four days of RM2 time!

The RM2 event can be more than a single event. Sometimes an RM2 will be designed to become a series of meetings that cascade down or across the organization to accelerate results. Well before conducting an RM2, the scope of the solutions needed (including number of meetings), funding issues, and sponsorship commitments are explored and decided with clients. We are committed to not surprising our clients with unanticipated add-on costs.

What sets us apart from similar expertise and facilitation:

Neutral Facilitators

  • Rapid decision-making.
  • Timely conflict/issue resolution.
  • Seasoned facilitators.

Collaboration Tools

  • Planning Models for Marketing, HR, IT, Finance, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management.
  • Proven exercises and templates.
  • Integration of Cultural Assessments/360 debriefs.

Knowledge Capture Specialists

  • Extraordinary strategic (graphic) illustration is used to visually capture the intellectual and experiential content of our client's work.
  • The often wall-sized drawings (some as large as 4 feet x 30 feet) are then made available to clients as full-sized murals, poster-sized drawings, and Web-based electronic images and files. These strategic illustrations enable clients to relive and retell their visioning experiences and/or decision-making sessions.
  • Experts at disseminating RM2 output via digital and Internet portal knowledge management best practices.
  • Creating instant post-session communication and project management materials.
  • reMotivationTM for Sustainability.


  • Facilitate group process before, during, and after RM2 sessions.
  • Linking via our proprietary virtual processes with Internet and teleconferencing.
  • Leverage information portals, knowledge, databases in real-time.

Client Ownership and Knowledge Transfer

  • Involvement of nonparticipant client members in key facilitation support team roles. Scribes, Logistics, Knowledge Librarians, Session Field Trip Coordinators, Communication and Decision Maker Appointments.
  • Licensing of facilitation methods and tools.
  • Support software and templates.

Ultimate Metaphor Experience

  • Out of "Box" Experience - Natural Systems, Solar Systems, Oceanographic Systems, Animal Intelligence, Rain Forests, Community Building.
  • Real-Time Knowledge Access to Internet and Experts for Add-on Understanding and Insight.
  • Simulations.
  • Business, Community Building, Planetary Travel.
  • Teaming games and Improvisation: Comedy, Jazz, Percussion and Indigenous Storytelling.
  • The Ultimate Quest Excursions: The Climbing Challenge, The Ocean Odyssey, The Leaders Cup, The Mountain Trek, The Desert Quest, The Xtreme Road Trip.

Capability Development Workshops

  • Pre- and post-CHANGEase proprietary training support for Leading and Sustaining Change, and Facing Change and Transformation.
  • Leadership Development.
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