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CHANGEase workshops and consulting services are designed for tailored delivery to meet the organizational and people development needs of geographically dispersed virtual teams and clients. Such e-services include:

  • Web Shops - Interactive, facilitated events using Internet classrooms and teleconferencing services.
  • Workshops - Interactive, facilitated events using teleconferencing services and high-end strategic illustration.
  • E-Facilitated Collaboration - Interactive, powerful, decision-making group working sessions.
  • E-Consulting Services - Interactive, results-driven meetings focusing on clients' concerns.
  • Pre- and post-workshop or meeting support.
  • Surveys and assessments.
  • reMotivation™ and sustainability.
  • High-end graphic illustration.
  • Archived, customized content access.
  • Streaming video (without download).

E-Services can be wholly or partially provided via timely, low cost, state-of-the-art remote communication technologies and facilitation techniques. Our consultants have even facilitated such interactive and personally engaging activities as highly successful executive visioning work using e-services. Web meetings, Web shops, advanced teleconferencing, Web sites, e-mail, and streaming video are some of the media we can deploy to complement or replace face-to-face facilitated encounters. We focus on saving time, cost, and travel, while enhancing - not diminishing - needed results.

Workshops and consulting services most readily adapted for e-learning delivery currently are:

LCT     Leading Change and Transformation
Real-time analysis and action planning of organizational change efforts supported with facilitated discussions, real case analyses, and change management models, processes, and tools. Focuses on:

  • Analyzing the participants' change projects.
  • Mapping key organization constituents who are impacting the success of the change.
  • Communicating for influence.
  • Assessing the organization culture.
  • Designing and implementing an action plan.

FCT    Facing Change and Transformation
Giving individuals and small groups techniques for self-leadership - enabling them to handle change and transformation to better serve them personally, as well as serving the organization. Develop organizational capacity for adopting change quickly and effectively - reducing the costs of resistance in terms of (1) the time serving the organization, and (2) the opportunities lost due to the slowed implementation of change. Focuses on:

  • We've Got to Make Change Easier
  • Serving and Protecting What Really Matters (to Us in a Change)
  • Tapping Our Strengths - Feeling Our Confidence
  • Turning Risk to Our Advantage - Making Change Work for Us
  • Crossing the Gap - Ensuring Action to Get What You Want

reMotivating™ Your Ongoing Action
Giving individuals and small groups techniques for self-leadership - enabling them to handle change so that it better serves them as well as the organization. Focuses on:

  • Making change easier for themselves - allowing for more resilient, positive response to change.
  • Understanding how to align their goals with those of the organization.
  • Turning risks to personal advantage.
  • Helping others better manage change by sharing self-leadership skills with them.

LFIO     Leading From the Inside Out
Developing a leadership network within an organization that shares and builds upon the leaders' own experience with key aspects of leadership. This highly personal experiential learning model better enables leaders to connect with the personal experience of both those whom they wish to lead, and their fellow leaders. Focuses on:

  • Facilitated dialogue and story-telling to explore leaders' own experiential learning.
  • Taking leadership skills that are implicit and making them explicit learning for others.
  • Incorporates high-end graphic illustration to document the session learnings and sharings.

VB     Vision in a Box - Future Pull
Creating a vision of an organization's future direction and the strategies needed to implement the vision are fundamental to every business. Focuses on:

  • Designing the future view.
  • Identifying obstacles and the strategies needed to overcome them.
  • Incorporates high-end graphic facilitation to document the session, facilitate communication of the session's outputs, and reinforce motivation to follow through on action plans.

CB     Culture in a Box
Understanding an organization's culture can help determine the desirable and undesirable behaviors that exist. Focuses on:

  • Clarifying what behaviors are desirable in order to live out the organization's defined vision and values for success.
  • Identifying the current behaviors that exist - what does there need to be more of, less of?
  • Facilitated dialogue and story telling are used to identify current transitions and role model behaviors.
  • Incorporates high-end graphic facilitation to document the sessions and create tools for sharing the learnings.

RM2     Rapid Mobilization Meetings
Getting the right key players together to combine their insights, make decisions, and develop follow-through:

  • Build comprehensive understanding of the issues.
  • Facilitated rapid and systemic decision-making.
  • Build commitment for fast deployment of decisions.
  • Ensure monitored follow through and decisive action.
  • Shorten the time to results.

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