Our range of services enable CHANGEase to provide unique solutions from several components to address your organization’s needs.

Training and Development
E-Collaboration and E-learning
reMotivationTM Services
Worldwide Localization

Diagnostic assessment frequently precedes and shapes our solutions.  Our consultants are experienced in quickly getting to the heart of each organization’s unique challenges.   We use detailed interviewing of key leaders and players, and also internationally normed tools, such as OCI, OEI and LSI from Human Synergistics, Hermann Brain Dominance Inventory, Kim Cameron’s tools for organizational culture and leadership, etc.


Our consultants see both through our clients' eyes - and through their own experienced eyes as independent agents. We then work together with clients to consider their options and design the best solutions to fit their unique set of success criteria. <MORE>


The ability to change organizational directions quickly is crucial to success. How can you bring the right people together quickly, integrate their insights, make informed decisions, and ensure committed follow-through? And for geographically dispersed organizations, how can you do this as often as needed without the huge costs and trouble of travel? These are the questions our Facilitation Services are designed to answer, and they are the focus of our Rapid Mobilization Meetings (RM2). <MORE>


CHANGEase’s capability development workshops enable clients (organizations and individual participants) to achieve their desired goals. Each workshop is focused on the clients' real-life situations, and on action planning to achieve success on the job. We regularly customize or design workshops to suit the unique needs of individual clients. <MORE>


CHANGEase workshops and consulting services are designed for tailored delivery to meet the organizational and people development needs of geographically dispersed virtual teams and clients. Such e-services include:

  • Web Shops - Interactive, facilitated events using Internet classrooms and teleconferencing services.
  • Workshops - Interactive, facilitated events using teleconferencing services and high-end strategic illustration.
  • E-Facilitated Collaboration - Interactive, powerful, decision-making group working sessions.
  • E-Consulting Services - Interactive, results-driven meetings focusing on clients¹ concerns.
  • Pre- and post-workshop or meeting support.
  • Surveys and assessments.
  • reMotivationTM and sustainability.
  • High-end graphic illustration.
  • Archived, customized content access.
  • Streaming video (without download).



CHANGEase is currently updating this section. Please contact for additional information regarding our Coaching Services

CHANGEase is committed to results. We want to ensure that clients can achieve the results they desire and the ROI (return on investment) they need (and can afford). Through our consulting, facilitated collaboration sessions and workshops we can help clients make decisions and develop new insights and skills that can guide their results-achieving activities. Yet it is optimized on-the-job implementation of those decisions and learnings that will ultimately produce the desired results. We give a unique degree of attention to supporting on-the-job implementation and optimization for results. <MORE>


Currently we have consultants operating out of:

Americas (Brazil, Canada, USA)
Europe (France, Germany, Norway, Spain, UK)
Asia/Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia)

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