At CHANGEase we live
and encourage

”Decide who you must be, then do what you must do.”

CHANGEase believes in the reality of transformation, individually and within organizational cultures.  We have seen it happen.  And we have seen the results.  We help it happen.

Change is always challenging – sometimes more difficult, sometimes easier.  It calls on us to be willing to work together, to dare to live our own personal core values, to exercise and refine those values by exposing them to the complexities of life with others.  Change calls on us to make and be a difference – to cause a positive difference.

When we help clients make change and transformation easier, it is not about short cuts or slogans.  We facilitate a designed, research-based process with proven success – one that invites all stakeholders to actively own both their challenges and solutions.

“Where there is a will, there is a way.” Our expertise lies in mobilizing the ‘will’ in order to create the ‘way’ for success.  We provide the conceptual and experiential framework to help clients explore what it’s like to leverage each individual’s best talents, -- to work together to make a difference that matters.  We help organizations align the core values and experiences of their individuals, sub-groups and partners to create a common, inclusive language.

In a safe and cooperative environment, each member stands tall, ready to be better and do better, ready for new challenges.  There is humor and hope, as well as commitment and results in these cultures.  There is dedication to solving problems, serving customers and all other stakeholders.  There is compassion and concern reaching across organizational boundaries and out beyond the company’s doors.  There is the realization that we are making our business life succeed better – together.

At CHANGEase we live and encourage customer-centricity.  We aim to see through our clients’ eyes, to understand their specific situation and the wider context.  We seek to align with their values and their vision, to clarify goals and facilitate methods to succeed quickly, proactively – even elegantly.  We also invite and guide our clients to explore and develop the customer-centricity of their organizations – and to better deliver on their brand promise.

Enron, Global Crossing, Tyco and Parmalat have exposed an ever stronger need for ethical business practices.  For U.S. companies, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act calls for businesses to demonstrate that their organizational culture supports ethical practices.  At CHANGEase, we help clients strengthen the relationship between legal and ethical behavior, and between personal and professional integrity.   We believe that integrity is a choice, a rewarding choice of a personal nature – one reinforced by constructive and collaborative work relationships and practices.  The key to an ethical business is in its organizational culture – a culture shaped by its leaders.       


The key to an ethical business is in its organizational culture –
a culture shaped by its leaders.












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