CHANGEase Inc. is a global organizational consulting firm that fosters clients’ success by better leveraging the talent, commitment and collaboration of their people. An unaligned and disengaged workforce costs businesses over 150 billion dollars annually. Engaged employees deliver up to four times more value than non-engaged employees, according to Mercer Delta. A company’s organizational culture provides the answer to many kinds of organizational challenges:

  • Ethical risk management and Sarbanes-Oxley ethical compliance consulting

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring – customized integration for optimized ROI

  • Brand – internal brand adoption and delivering on the promise

  • Customer Loyalty – employees engaging to win, serve and keep customers

  • Productivity – mobilizing talent, commitment and collaboration

  • Downsizing – turning demoralization into transformation

  • Resilience – turning risk to advantage, individually and with others

  • Leadership – energizing and mobilizing the alpha skill and resource

  • Morale – satisfying employees’ most important motivating concerns


Catalysts for Directed Change

Research concurs with our experience:  Profits and other performance metrics depend on customer loyalty, which is driven by engaged, satisfied employees who work together to serve customers.  The question is:  How do you engage your people?

CHANGEase’s consultants have a personal commitment to our clients’ well-being and success.  We have a reputation for quickly tuning in to each client’s world, to understand their organization’s markets, functions, character and culture.  With our deep-seated experience and respect for our clients, and supported by versatile research-based methodologies and tools, we become catalysts for directed change.

CHANGEase’s services include worldwide consulting and coaching, structured working sessions, team/individual development workshops enabling immediate application and results, world-class assessments and related guidance, public speaking, and web-based virtual delivery.

Our strategic partners include world-renowned branding and marketing specialists, internationally acclaimed providers of organizational assessment tools, and experts in organizational development.


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